Create triggers based on LangWatch filters

LangWatch offers you the possibility to create triggers based on your selected filters. You can use these triggers to send notifications to either Slack or selected team email adresses.


To create a trigger in the LangWatch dashboard, follow these steps:

  • Click the filter button located at the top right of the LangWatch dashboard.
  • After creating a filter, a trigger button will appear.
  • Click the trigger button to open a popout drawer.
  • In the drawer, you can configure your trigger with the desired settings.

Trigger actions


Once the trigger is created, you will receive an alert whenever a message meets the criteria of the trigger. These trigger checks are run on the minute but not instantaneously, as the data needs time to be processed. You can find the created triggers under the Settings section, where you can deactivate or delete a trigger to stop receiving notifications.

Trigger settings