Welcome to LangWatch, the all-in-one open-source LLMops platform.

LangWatch allows you to track, monitor, guardrail and evaluate your LLMs apps for measuring quality and alert on issues.

For domain experts, it allows you to easily sift through conversations, see topics being discussed and annotate and score messages for improvement in a collaborative manner with the development team.

For developers, it allows you to debug, build datasets, prompt engineer on the playground and run batch evaluations or DSPy experiments to continuously improve the product.

Finally, for the business, it allows you to track conversation metrics and give full user and quality analytics, cost tracking, build custom dashboards and even integrate it back on your own platform for reporting to your customers.

You can sign up and already start the integration on our free tier by following the guides bellow:

You can also open the demo project check out a video on our platform.

Get in touch

Feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected]. You can also open a GitHub issue to report bugs and request features, or join our Discord channel and ask questions directly for the community and the core team.